Because of insufficient space, the publisher left several photos out of the book. These photos do a lot to illustrate the stories in Small Town Ghosts. To make up for it, I'm publishing these photos and their captions on the website, divided by chapters.
If you have Small Town Ghosts, I invite you to look and match photos with chapters. If you don't have the book, come look anyway. You'll have to get the book in order to get the full stories behind the photos!

Do you have a haunted house you want investigated? If you live in western Illinois or eastern Iowa, contact the Small Town Ghosts Team.

We do not charge for our services. Human beings, whether in body or out of it are capricious. We will always give our best effort, but paranormal research does not come with guarantees.

Every photograph in this website was taken by me, unless specified otherwise.
I am very careful to pay attention to weather, humidity, and other conditions that can produce false paranormal photographs. Although it is always possible to be mistaken, I believe that every photo shown shows legitimate paranormal activity

Do you wonder about ghosts? What are they? Why do they haunt? Can they be helped? Is there anything scientific about ghost research? The Small Town Ghosts team asked those same questions and went looking for answers. We think we may have found clues in haunted houses and cemeteries where paranormal activity abound. Come and join us. Learn about the ghost who tucked the lady of the house into bed. Experience what it is like to pause in the dark of a haunted cemetery, waiting for the ghosts to arrive. Participate in a birthday party for the ghost of a child who died 35 years ago. Share the paranormal experiences of our team investigating
Small Town Ghosts.

Ghosts. Hauntings. Investigations.
Using technology and intuition, we research
the paranormal in western Illinois and eastern Iowa.
We seek out

In 1977, I participated in my first organized paranormal investigation as one of a group of psychology graduate students. All it took was finding one genuinely haunted house with observable paranormal activity to get hooked. Paranormal investigations have been my hobby ever since. A member of the Ghost Research Society and American Ghost Society, I moved to western Illinois in 1996. Since then, my team and I have explored cemeteries and investigated haunted houses in and around the small town where I live. Welcome to the ghostly side of small towns and rural scenery
of western Illinois and eastern Iowa

Small Town Ghosts is available at, Barnes and Noble, Borders Book Stores, Walden Books, and most book stores near you. If they don't have it in stock, ask them to order it for you. To get a copy directly from the publisher, contact the
History and Hauntings Bookstore.

All written material and photographs on this web site are collectively copyrighted by Barbara A. Huyser. No material may be used or reproduced without written permission from the author.

Got an Opinion?

Examine some controversial photos taken by members of the team or submitted for examination in our investigations. Are they paranormal or not? If so, what do you think is going on in the photo? If not, why?

For example, look at the photo below. It was taken during a family barbecue at a farmhouse in western Illinois. The family is pretty sure of the guests in front of the barbecue, but didn't see the extra in back of the barbecue. What do you see?

Interested in joining
the Small Town Ghosts Team?

In spring, 2006, will be offering training to a few individuals from western Illinois or eastern Iowa who have a serious interest in the paranormal and would like to join our team. Click below to find out more information.

Reviewed by "The New Age Journal"

"A very complete and detailed book on what it takes to investigate ghosts and paranormal occurances. Barb takes the reader step by step into the world of a modern day ghost investigator, including actual case files. A fascinating and intriguing read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seriously considering entering the field of paranormal investigations."

Laura Wandrie, "The New Age Journal"

What Happens When The Ghost Gets Mad?

Usually nothing. Paranormal activity might pick up for a while, but most ghosts
aren't powerful enough to do anything to you. A rare exception occurred during
a visit to Alton's very haunted McPike Mansion

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